Private lending doesn’t need to be complicated. We are private money lenders that can quickly get you through the lending process and on your way to property ownership. We work with residential, commercial and agricultural properties. We know each of our investors personally. Our investors are members of our local community, which means the interest you pay on your loan is filtered back into our local economy.

Ken Carter, as owner and broker, sets loan terms and makes all approval decisions in-house, giving Yolo County Realty the ability to take on unique loans and devise a plan for the borrower. We have the ability to quickly review, approve, and close a deal because we utilize the expertise of our in-house staff for property walk-throughs and loan term approval. No offsite underwriting staff is utilized, which means no surprises for you.

Our process is simple. Please use the Easy Money loan application on this page and submit to us. Or if you prefer, we can complete your loan application over the phone. If necessary, we can also help you create a loan exit strategy to improve your credit, allowing you to eventually qualify for a conventional loan.

To talk with Ken Carter call: 530-662-8269

When is private money your best choice?

  • Bad credit. We assist borrowers with bad credit who cannot qualify for conventional financing, but have enough cash to make a 20% down payment.
  • Real estate “flip” projects. We assist borrowers with the planning and budgeting of flip projects and providing loans and expert advice through our in-house neighborhood revitalization specialist.
  • Divorce. We can assist with a loan when circumstances around divorce prevent a borrower from securing a loan.
  • Bankruptcy. We can assist with a loan when circumstances around bankruptcy prevent a borrower from securing a loan.
  • Urgent need. We assist borrowers who waited for conventional financing and were denied with too little time left before the escrow period expires.
  • No social security number. We lend money to immigrants that are unable to secure a loan due to not having a social security number.
  • Non-conforming properties. When the property you want doesn’t conform to traditional lending standards, we can help.

Typical Loan Terms

  • Lending terms: 6 mo. – 6 years
  • Loan amounts: $50,000 – $5,000,000
  • Loan Origination Fees vary from 4 – 6%. Interest rates vary from 8 – 11%
  • Our loans are interest only

How quickly can you close?  

  • We have the ability to close a loan in 5-7 days.

What documentation is required?  

  • We need a completed loan application and a copy of your ID – we may check your credit to verify the information submitted on the application is accurate, however we will not deny an application due to credit status.

Our Easy Money Process

Yolo County Realty Private Lending Process

Our Easy Money Process



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